Foundation Board of Directors

The Board consists of twelve directors. Six of the directors are elected by the membership of the Royal Rosarians. Three of the directors are the Executive Officers of the Royal Rosarians Council; the Prime Minister, the Lord High Chancellor and the Secretary of State. Three of the directors are past Prime Ministers of the Royal Rosarians. All Foundation board members serve a three year term. The Foundation Board elects it officers from the twelve members of the board. The Board’s officers consist of; President, Vice President, Secretary and Treasurer. Board officers serve a one year term.

Foundation Board Officers

Sir Knight
Fred W. Anderson

Duchess of the Realm
Marilyn Schultz
Vice President

Duke of the Realm
Scott Stuhl

Sir Knight
John Linngren

Board Members

Prime Minister
Adam Baker

Lord High Chancellor
Don Thacker

Secretary of State
Kimberly Bown

Duke of the Realm
Ray Hanson

Cathy Gagnon

Kathie Bagley

Sir Knight
Rodney Mazor

Sir Knight
John Creegan